Hey Love Bugs!  Ya’ll good? Whatcha’ been up to? 

This post is a smidge longer than my usual ones. A recent car accident which thankfully we all walked away from, ongoing therapy sessions and doctor appointments, and waiting for a replacement laptop has temporarily kept me from being great. But, I can’t be held down 🙂

WHEW! There’s a lot happening on this spinning blue ball we call home.

KETANJI BROWN JACKSON is yet another living example of ‘Black Girl Magic’! She is has been confirmed as the first African-American woman on the Supreme Court!! Finally!!! A round of applause for our newest associate Supreme Court Justice! During her confirmation hearings, she endured racist, sexist, humiliating and demeaning questioning by white men who are far less qualified than her. Justice Brown Jackson handled their abuse, yes abuse because that is what is was….with class, grace, humility, and poise throughout. She is the representation that we all need. The cherry on top is our first African-American Vice President, Kamala Harris presiding over this historic moment!

RAISE your hand if you’re sick of hearing about “The Slap” involving Will Smith and Chris Rock. The entire situation sucks from all angles. I don’t want to give it any more attention than it’s already garnered. My prayers are with all parties directly involved.

But seriously…..We’ve got bigger fish to fry.

I don’t know about you all, but I know I’d love to just ignore it all and stay inside my perfect bubble. Yeah, that’s not happening. It’s like the hits just keep coming’! Next up is the this crazy ass War on Ukraine. Are we surprised? We shouldn’t be. Putin has been throwing shade at Ukraine since they bounced from the Soviet Union in 1991.

What’s also not surprising is the minimally covered racism of African, East Indian, and Middle Eastern students trying to cross into neighboring European countries to escape the war being denied entry because of their skin color……As I cough, “POLAND”

What’s not lacking is the media ramming down our throats of how appalling it is for a European country to attack another European country in 2022. Yet, it’s acceptable for black and brown countries to suffer the consequences of war because they do not deserve to be afforded the same human rights. GTFOH!!

Kiril Petkov, the prime minister of Bulgaria recently stated “These are not the refugees we are used to…these people are Europeans. These people are intelligent, they are educated people…” (https://www/npr.org/2022/02/28/1083423348/europe-welcomes-ukrainian-refugees-but-others-less-so). This entire statement is disgusting and oozes of racist intent.

SUDDENLY they’re “shocked” that this is happening in Europe. It has been conveniently forgotten that that’s how Europe rose to power…all the plundering, degradation, and animalistic violence is still evident today. 

Racism and Prejudice are TAUGHT.  Yet, to remain silent is a contribution to racism. What can a concerned non black or brown person do to help the fight on racism? Speak up when you encounter racist behavior, educate yourself in Diversity & Inclusion and then educate others. Raise your children to be inclusive, compassionate, and practice morality. 

CONGRESS voted to end daylight savings time: Like seriously? With everything else going on in this country and they focus on daylight savings time?? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the cancelling of day light savings time because I’m not built to fall back, and spring forward every year. Just let me live.

But this leads me to my next gripe….Congress passed 13.6 billion in emergency aid for Ukraine. This type of foolery demonstrates how the American government is not “For the people”. Every day Americans are on the struggle bus financially due to unemployment or reduced hours….one of the many side effects of Covid that we are still fighting. A new variant seems to pop up every other day, heavily seasoned with racial, homophobic, transphobic tensions for a lil flavor kick, and a side of a rising homelessness is a recipe for complete disaster.

I could go on! The list of issues in this country are endless.  Yet, our government can easily give money to another country that has NOTHING to do with us?  I don’t mean to sound hardhearted, but you can’t fix someone else’s problems until you fix your own….Take care of your own house FIRST. 

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the foolery that makes this nation ‘great’…see what I did there?

FLORIDA is passing the “Don’t Say Gay” or more formerly called “Parental Rights in Education” bill which limits what educators can say about gender and sexuality. Gov. DeSantis of Florida is scheduled to sign House Bill 1557. (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2022/03/18/us/dont-say-gay-bill-florida.amp.html)

The ramification of this bill is dangerous. The safety of LGBTQ students and adolescents is at stake as this bill targets them. Diversity and Inclusion is being thrown out of the window and setting us back 100 years. Remember when I said racism and prejudice are taught? Well, here’s a blaring example.


THERE is more that we can unpack here, but I think we need to take a moment or two to just BREATHE.

We must hold fast to our FAITH. Whatever that may be for you. We are one people regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, class, or sexuality. We all live on this beautiful Earth that was meant for us to share. Can we get to that part and chill with the fuckery? Hmph, probably not because human nature won’t allow peace. But a girl can dream.

LATELY, I have been intentional with my selfcare. I now require a luxurious bubble bath, with candles, a glass or two of wine, and relaxing music to end my day. It’s my way of cherishing my mind and body for holding me together amid chaos.

I encourage you (if you haven’t already) to do something special for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Keep it simple. You deserve it boo!

Be Kind, Be Good, Be unapologetically YOU! 

xx Absolutely Shell

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