When the Sh%t Goes Down!

Hey Love Bugs!

What a week!  What a month! What a year!

Your girl has been slapped, flipped upside and turned around! The devil is a liar…

There have been some dark days but let me tell you about the blessing of authentic, true sistahood/friendship. You must have the right people on your team when the sh%t goes down. Yes, I have personally handpicked my team. I’ve had to make revisions and fire star players along the way. It takes time to pick the right team for yourself. You have to learn who you are. You have to know who you are. You have to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. You have to love yourself unconditionally. You have to put in that deep inner work. You have to continually check and adjust because we are constantly evolving.

My team is small but it’s solid. 

As I become more seasoned, I become more aware of myself. Aware of who I am and who I am becoming. I’ve learned to not look back in disgust at who I used to be. I’ve learned to not spiral into the self loathing abyss of my past behavior and decisions (if I do slip, my team is there to catch me). I’ve forgiven myself for past mistakes, ignorance and naivety. I’ve learned to view every mistake as a teachable moment. Everything that we experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve learned to focus on the present and look to the future. The old me is gone, never to return.  The days of self-doubt, lack of self-awareness, and lack of knowing my worth are behind me. My hope is that by sharing my story that it will help everyone reading this post realize that they are enough, that they are capable of whatever they want and work for, that they are beautiful regardless of what society says (fvck society’s standards & rules!). Whatever your story is, you can conquer anything. Whatever your faith is, lean on it always. We are all made for greatness. We are all made to soar!  

Life gets murky and stressful. Do you have the right people on your team? Can you go to them for authentic encouragement and support without fear of judgement and gossip? Do they make themselves available to you when you need them the most? 

What kind of friend are you?  Can you answer these same questions about the kind of friend you are to them? Are you on their team?

A lot of questions I know.  But these are just a few questions to ask yourself when picking your team.  We are all in this together. There is room for everyone.  

Be good, Be genuine, Be kind to yourself and to others.

I gave ya’ll a whole sermon! Let the church say Amen!!

Sending pure love and energy!

Absolutely Shell

Shoutout to Cypress Hill – “When the Sh%t Goes Down” https://youtu.be/I826gxc8TvI


  1. Shell…This entry has taken my breath away. The sentiment, the timing and most importantly it coming from you. SO PROUD OF YOU! Seems so little to say…Girl…Immensely Proud…Yeah that fits perfectly. Shout out to Cypress Hill indeed…Keep it SOLID at all costs!
    Kindness Always my beloved friend… ♥️


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