Transitions and Such….

Hey love bugs!

Happy Memorial Day! Happy PRIDE month! Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Juneteenth! Happy 4th!  Did I cover all the holidays? 

So much going on in my life and the world. That’s no excuse for another hiatus.  I’m going to be honest; I’ve attempted to write this post several times.  I just could not find the motivation.  The pandemic has turned me into a hermit.  I prefer to stay home and with technology it’s so convenient.  I work from home, I have groceries delivered, and Amazon stays in rotation.  I feel safe and comfortable at home in my own world. I know that’s no way to live. With that in mind, I have made it my business to get my ass in gear and stop hiding from the world.

Shelley’s Fuck It Tour est. 2022

My “Fuck It” tour continues! A little about how this ‘tour’ came to pass. As I was meditating one morning and thinking about the recent events in my life. Thinking about how tired I am of corporate America and the toxicity of it; the active job search game, the mental exhaustion of networking…hell just the activity of adulting alone is exasperating. As I’m spiraling down this never-ending rabbit hole, an epiphany hit me. What if I just said, “fuck it” and do whatever I want (legally of course) and put all my energy and focus on myself. Learn a new hobby, learn a new skill and expand my knowledge, do a little bit of travel, and enjoy being selfish with my time and energy.

Well, I am doing just that.  I passed the state exam to get my life Insurance license. To say I’m proud of myself is an understatement!  For so long I’ve never really pushed and disciplined myself to accomplish a task.  I would always find a loophole.  This exam forced me to study for weeks and challenge myself. I had to stick to a strict schedule I set for myself, I had to shut out the world while I studied and focused on my goal to pass.  I prayed, I ate healthy, I removed distractions, I meditated, I drank water. I had a check list for everything I would need to keep me positive and focused; even going so far as having peppermints to eat during my exam. I made sure to schedule my exam online with a proxy. I knew that with my anxiety, going to a testing center would be a set up for failure. I did whatever it took to succeed. 

Imagine what I else I could do if I put this discipline and focus into effect? I would be unstoppable! What an “A-Ha” moment!

I am beginning a new chapter in my life. Transitioning is both uncomfortable and exciting.  I have the freedom to do what I want; however, I want.  But the most important question is….What do I want? There are so many answers to that question. Of course my interests have evolved over the years.  I had my children in my early 20’s, so while other 20 something year olds were partying, traveling, and being completely self consumed; I was 100% laser focused on my children. Like most moms, our lives end up revolving around our kids.  Lucky for me, I’m still young enough to enjoy my life now that my children are adults.

As a multi-passionate person and headliner of “Shelley’s Fuck It” tour, I will continue to hone my creative talents & skills.  Whether it be in a writing space, managing my child’s music career, learning more about the insurance field and growing my businesses.  My goal is to serve my community, make a very comfortable living for myself and my family all while leaving a legacy for my children.  

My hope in this life is that with every interaction I leave others feeling better than before we connected. I hope that with every blog I write, someone will get comfort in knowing that we are all connected in some shape or form, and to get a little chuckle at my expense. Laughter is healing and I love to laugh.

I’m learning to relax. I no longer worry and stress of what can go wrong, but instead focus on what can go right.  Having a positive mindset, regular exercise, and healthier eating habits has done wonders for my mind, spirit and body.  What does your self care look like?

Be kind to yourselves and others!

Absolutely Shell

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