Hey Love Bugs!

My child TylerChristian performed background vocals (BGV) and also choreographed the set for their fellow Berklee College of Music classmate Aiida (she killed it by the way!) at Lollapalooza Friday, July 29th on the “DISCORD” stage!!! To say I am on cloud 9 is an understatement!!  I am rolling around in so many emotions from pure joy, to awe, to excitement, to hope, to pride, to thankfulness. To see my child on that stage was like getting a glimpse of all the success that is to come for them. I know that was a gift from God!!

Because Lollapalooza is in my hometown of Chicago, I got to spend time with my family. It’s an honor and blessing to just hang out with my mother and sister who is my very best friend. We’re close knit and have become a bit of a trio. My mother and I haven’t always been close and I’m so thankful that we can truly bond and have fun together. We put in the work to get here, and I am basking in how far we’ve come.

I was able to disconnect from my personal world and be in the moment. That’s rare and when times like these come along, I cherish them.  Time is the most important element in our lives. How we spend that time should be guarded carefully. Memories last for a lifetime. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. To visit my hometown with mature eyes was spectacular. To see all the sights that I grew up around with my adult eyes reminded me of how blessed I am.

As a child I was afforded to be able to visit places like The Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute of Chicago, Adler Planetarium, The Chicago Opera, Navy Pier…the list goes on! They were all educational and entertaining. I know there were other children in my ‘neighborhood’ that did not have that luxury. I’m not saying I was well off as a child, I’m saying that I’m blessed to have a mother and older sister who were able to gift me with unique adventures. As an adult, I realize how fortunate those experiences were. It shaped me into a curious individual always wanting to learn more, to experience more, and to grow outside of my comfort zone. 

To see all the places, I frequently visited as a child all while cheering my child on while they performed on a stage at Lollapalooza was an out of body experience!! Can you tell I’m beyond joyful? I am hopeful for all that is to come, I am standing firm on His promises. Life moves fast with curve balls thrown in as tests. The goal is to pass so we don’t have to repeat them again.

Remember, life is meant to be lived. So, live it accordingly!

Have you ever stopped to think how your experiences shaped how you approach life? Have you ever thought about what you have versus what you don’t have? If not, try it. I bet you’ll realize you’ve been blessed more than you thought. As a rule of thumb, I choose to focus on the positive. Negative thoughts and behavior do nothing for the greater good. Besides, life is too short for all of that. 

Be Blessed

Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind to Each other

Absolutely Shell


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